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Brilliance College is revolutionising the way of competitive exam coaching through Online media.


Now there is no need for you to depend on any physical coaching classes for PSC Exam success. You can sit in the comfort of your home or office and learn to win the best available job through our Online Coaching Classes. Our Online Coaching is a magical mix of various teaching techniques and elements.

You will get an idea about the programme form the Online Coaching DEMO.


The following are the modules included in the Online Coaching Programme.


1. Video Classes

All the Core Subjects included in the syllabus will be tought through Video Classes. It will provide you actual class room experience.

In fact since we employ, multimedia you get better than actual Class Room Experience!


2. Power Point Presentations

Some areas of syllabus will be presented in Power Point Mode, so that you can learn and remember importent points through repaeated presentation.


3. Comperhensive Content

Online Coaching provide you access to our massive online content in our website. You can learn them in instalments at your convenience.


4. Online Practice Test

The important feature our Online Coaching is Practice Test to improve your knowledge and score. Practice makes perfect. You will understand this truth from our coaching programme

5. Online Model Exam

Another important feature is Online Model Exams to improve and accelerate your score. Success become predictable once you can achieve a commanding score in Model Exam. If you can consistently score more than 85 Marks out of 100, you are on your way to PSC Rank List. So continue practicing our Online Model Exam till you achieve the accelerating ESCAPE VELOCITY TO SUCCESS. We have provided abundant number of Online Model Exam in our Online Coaching Programme. We keep adding more and more Model Exam as you go on accessing it.


Brilliance College Online Coaching : The Dynamic Mode


We are ever updating and innovating our Online Coaching consistently with new technology updations. So that yopu can expect new features always. Our moto is your sure success. We invite you to our actual online coaching programme. Thank You very much.


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